Disincent This

I get the memo, "Mandatory Meeting, Friday Morning". A big-wig is coming down from corporate, doing two meetings in Houston AM and two more in Dallas PM.

I make my arrangements to be in the office Friday morning and actually show up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The gist of the meeting was that our compensation is being restructured, from 75% base/25% bonus to 95% base/5% bonus. The reasoning behind the change has to do with our corporate structure and the fact that we recently went public. While we are a software company, a significant portion of our revenues come from consulting. It is possible to construct a ratio of sales revenues/consulting revenues. It is felt that the higher this ratio is, the higher our stock prices will be. My revenues contribute to the consulting side of the equation. The preceding set of circumstances resulted in the big-wig from corporate uttering the following statement, "We are changing the structure of your compensation so as to disincent you from generating revenue."

Wow. Two thoughts simultaneously echo through my mind:

1. They want me to work less hard at generating revenue. It might be a good thing to make sure my resume is in order.

2. What is this *disincent* shit. Speak fucking English. It is bad enough that I can't turn around without someone fucking impacting me. Now I have to worry about whether I've been incented or not, too. Judas verbing Priest, hanging from a parse tree.

Peeve: The company has given me enough stock that this shit almost makes sense. While I am nominally a manager (of the non-supervisory sort), I never thought that I would learn to think like one. Shoot me now, please.

Chris "disincented" Pando

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