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Music That I've Listened To

Playlist for August 1, 2008 (Jerry's 66th birthday):

 1. Jerry Garcia                        Bird Song                                  ( 4:26)
 2. Jerry Garcia                        The Wheel                                  ( 4:04)
 3. Saunders/Garcia/Kahn/Vitt           Positively 4th Street                      ( 7:46)
 4. Saunders/Garcia/Kahn/Vitt           Hi-Heel Sneakers                           ( 8:15)
 5. Jerry Garcia                        I'll Take A Melody                         ( 9:28)
 6. Garcia & Grisman                    Walkin' Boss                               ( 5:18)
 7. Garcia & Grisman                    Dreadful Wind and Rain                     ( 4:49)
 8. Garcia & Grisman                    The Handsome Cabin Boy                     ( 6:15)
 9. Garcia & Grisman                    So What                                    ( 6:55)
10. Garcia & Grisman                    16/16                                      ( 6:18)
11. Garcia & Grisman                    The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest ( 7:00)
12. Garcia & Grisman                    Sittin' Here In Limbo                      ( 6:52)
13. Grateful Dead                       Dark Star  Jam                           (23:14)
14. Grateful Dead                       Sugar Magnolia                            ( 6:33)
15. Grateful Dead                       St. Stephen                               ( 7:09)
16. Grateful Dead                       Not Fade Away                             ( 7:25)
17. Grateful Dead                       Going Down The Road Feeling Bad           (10:37)
18. Grateful Dead                       Not Fade Away                              ( 3:19)

Jimmy Buffet dies and goes to heaven. He meets God, and God says to him that he has a special little treat for him. He then shows him a little cottage all decked-out in parroty finery, thoroughly befitting Buffett's career.

Jimmy looks at it and is quite touched. He turns to God, and is about to thank him, when out of the corner of his eye he sees, way up on a bluff, a huge mansion, all decked out in tie-dyed regalia and a huge heavenly sound system blaring St. Stephen.

He pauses for a second and then says to God, "uh, Sir, I don't want to seem ungrateful, but what's the deal? I know Jerry was certainly more of a star than I was, but I wasn't without a legion of parrot-heads over the years. If I may ask, how come I only get a cottage when Jerry gets such a huge mansion?"

God looks at him sideways and says, "Mr Buffet! That is not Jerry Garcia's house. That is My house.

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