As seen on the alt.tasteless FAQ, archives of alt.tasteless. I found these years ago (~1996) on Snedker's web page (if my memory serves me correctly). My sole contribution is disk space and reformatting into HTML. Enjoy!
Update! I can no longer claim the archives are as found and unedited. Anatoly Matlis has requested that his name be removed from his post, and the virginity of the sanctity these archives has been violated. Anyone else who wants his name munged just needs to ask (nicely - rude requests and unnecessary displays of attitude will printed out and used as toilet paper)

Chris Pando

Archives - alt.tasteless 1993

It's a mix of fact, fiction and flames, sorted by ... well, not sorted at all. Still, it's a good bunch of posts. By reading through the 700 kb of filth, you will see the start of the NAMBLA flaming, hear about the rising beastialist movement, read jolly fiction, be astounded by life in the army, enjoy low-brow poetry of striking beauty, GG Allins suicide, in short: get a peek at what's happening in the lives and minds of a lot of sick people around the world. And of the main events: GG Allins suicide, Waco, NAMBLA, Karla Homolka, certain peoples summer holidays, Michael Jacksons brush and stroke with some kids and the law etc. The Archive93 is not a 100% proof tasteless file. It's a picture of the group, and therefore contains funny one-liners and overlong stupid flames as well. Actually, in the overlong stupid flame catagory I think specifically of the 210 line "Shit on Romania, piss on the Romanian forger! (Russian poetic justice)" flame. The tastelessness in it is standard, but it's so preposterous it's worth reading. Same goes for Mrs. Neestas tale of her abortion. Bad writing can be an asset. There's nowhere like alt.tasteless. -tiny twisted penis adhering to unpleasantly bloated stomach PS: The misattributions and errors are a feature.

"This form of censorship has no place on alt.tasteless. It makes undue assumptions about what is and is not acceptable, does not mention bowel movements, boogers or menstruation, and shows a small-minded inability to take pleasure from the unfortunate pyschological damage of others."

Bruce Ediger

The year in alt.tasteless started well. 43400 readers, and fine writers producing 2.5 Mb per month. Since then we've had a substantial increase in traffic, but sadly not in the quality. The latest readership report for alt.tasteless tells us that we're now 82.000 and produce 4.5 Mb per month. The extra 2 Mb are mostly inane flames and ego shit. Memorable posts are seen, but not as frequent. We've seen many good posts this autuum, but it's nothing compared to the first part of the year.

I know tastes and testis differ etc., but I hope that we can agree on something like:

With the amount of good material in AT, no-one is being cheated if we don't post forgettable follow-ups
Let's only include the necessary parts of the post(s) we're following up to.

Fine. Now to the main attraction. From the ca. 33 Mb that is alt.tasteless 1993, I have saved around 1 Mb. You don't have to have a degree in advanced statistics to see it's only 3% of the traffic. And I'll cut it further down, before posting it as Archive93.

It's a mix of fact, fiction and flames, sorted by ... well, not sorted at all. The only editing I have done is deleting every post with more than 150 lines in it. This keeps the Archive93 to a postable size, and ensures that every article can be read in less than 3 minutes. It's still a stupid idea, though.

It's allowed to call Archive93 flawed and unjust. It'll be posted every now and then until the 20th december.

St. Ool

No guru, no method, no teacher

The Church of Divine Tastelessness

Archive 1
Re: Perversions
SURVEY : Bodily Wastes (Fixed) (Thomas Beagle)
Re: SURVEY - Favourite Fluids (Jim)
Boy Scout Follies (Bruce Ediger)
Constipation and the Erupting Volcano Shit (Murray Chapman)
Re: Punishment for Sex offenders (Eric A. Schwartz)
Ant Hill Commune Dave Edmund
Re: I shoulda been a plumber (Chris F Chiesa)
Re: I shoulda been a plumber (Keith Glasson)
tasteless trip to Harvard Medical School (Robert D. Potter)

Archive 2
Maggots, God, and Sex (Scott M Hampton)
Re: Most Tasteless (David Garrett)
Re: pathetic frat boys (Eric A. Schwartz)
Re: Tastelessness in the Shitter at Work nesdoly@dvinci.USask.Ca (Mark Nesdoly)
Let me tell ya about Doug nesdoly@dvinci.USask.Ca (Mark Nesdoly)
A Head Of Its Time (Jeffrey B. Zurschmeide)
Help Me Name My Penis. (Bruce Ediger)
Re: Tasteless Classes (Chris F Chiesa)
Do-it-yourself surgery (Gerald Belton)
Sheep (Brian Shura)
Movie Review: "Brother's Keeper" (Bruce Ediger)
Little Women (Fiction) vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Up to my elbows in it bobv@spike.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bob von Buelow)
Re: Baby Poop (Scott M. Hampton aka Woulffe)

Archive 3
Re: Fart pitch (Craig Becker)
Re: Tastelessness proves Sexism (Eric A. Schwartz)
ABORTION: WHEN does human life TASTE BEST? (Richard Barry Ling)
Re: Female ejaculation (Eric A. Schwartz)
Nachos (Long!) (Chops)
Tasteless Songs -- Dayglo Abortions nesdoly@dvinci.USask.Ca (Mark Nesdoly)
Re: Vegetarian (Eric A. Schwartz)
Re: Vegetarian (Eric A. Schwartz)
Re: Vegetarian vinniej@sco.COM (Missing Link)
Congratulations and a Toast "Jim Thomas Park , Jr."
Pig Spooz (Gerald Belton)
Tasteless books (Greg Moritz)

Archive 4
Re: YOU ALL ARE SICK!!! (But the anitibiotics are helping...) (nevyn)
Re: Colostomy bags (BrEtT pAtErSoN)
Re: Colostomy bags nesdoly@dvinci.USask.Ca (Mark Nesdoly)
Re: Dog-anus-dragging ( Regis )
Re: Marylin Monroe and her crazy bag of stuff (Brian Saunders)
Movie Review: "Titicut Follies" (Bruce Ediger)
My Unbalanced Person: Al Davis (Scottish Bastard)
Showing your family the best parts of you (Ken Alexander)
Toilet Fountain (Chops)
a.t. soccer (Carl Fairhurst)
Re: your head (Mark Smith)
necrophilia/incest as promised on #squick.... (Peter Bell)
Paddy's Arse (Conor Hogan)

Archive 5
Piss Olympics (was Re: bathroom Grafitti) (Mr. Hyde)
Re: What the hell... (Chris F Chiesa)
Re: worms (*n*t*ly M*tl*s)
Re: A simple question (to vegetarians) (David Garrett)
Mail war (Re: Poo-like foods) (Ashley)
Story: Axe wielding sex crazed kindergarten teacher... (BrEtT pAtErSoN)
Great moments in medical history (David Garrett)
Love is a Cane Toad (Mitch Davis)
Re: A simple question (to vegetarians) (Daniel Steven Reinker)
All I want for Xmas... (Alain van der Heide)
Alt.Tasteless news (April 29, 1993) (Mike Weber)

Archive 6
CPR story (was: But(t) it's a good kind of hurt) (Alan McKendree)
Final (?) list of ways to lose matter (Santiago Arteaga)
Re: Schoolyard Shenanigans (was Re: shit) (Constantino Tobio)
Survey : What's _your_ favourite shit??? (Michael G. Wright)
On being a vegetarian and a zoo. (tartikon)
Oh that Nose!!! (Constantino Tobio)
Tiger penis soup (Mr. Hyde)
True Lamb sex Story (agtim)
Sadness. (Art Taylor)
last night (Katharina Nestaas)

Archive 7
Re: Our NAMBLA friends (Chester)
Re: Our NAMBLA friends (Roy Radow)
Re: Our NAMBLA friends (Roy Radow)
School-girl Discipline (Art Taylor)
Survey results : Your favourite shit. (Michael G. Wright)
Re: tasteless (Thomas A. Dennis)
An amazing smell (BusterTheFish)
Another poem (THE MASKED POET)
Re: Australian Judges most tasteless! (Charles R. Tenney)
Re: Did George Washington wipe? (Sean McAfee)
Re: Gonad odour testing (Bruce Ediger)
mortuary life (Jim)
Phillipine Nude Spanking Marcos Style (Bruce Ediger)
Re: Pictures of aborted babies. (Sean McAfee)
Re: Roy and friends (There Can Be Only One!)
Re: Roy and friends (Art Taylor)
Thank God for A.T. (Daniel Steven Reinker)

Archive 8
Ode to a Colostomy Bag (Scottish Bastard)
Sad group (Sly)
Spider Sex (Gina)
Old tasteless buddies... (Jeffrey D. Angus)
Two more poems fab24_3@katk.Helsinki.FI (LUOKAN KONE 3)
Seeking Animalist (Love Stings)
Seeking Animalist (nevyn)
Pasolini's SALO comes to Adelaide (George Vokalek)
Tasteless alphabet table for kids - ideas ?? (Adam Justin Thornton)
WARNING (Shane Hartman)
WARNING (Daniel Steven Reinker)
FBI and Bestiality (MUST READ) Roy Radow
hi & a horrible experience.
hi & a horrible experience (Pony Lover.)
Obituary (Missing Link)
Obituary (Ken Strayhorn Jr.)

Archives - alt.tasteless 1993, Part II

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